Back Pain Cures

Back Pain Cures: How to Make Sure They Happen!

The bad news is that if you’re looking for back pain cures for scoliosis, spondylitis due to ankylosing spondylitis, DJD, or multiple herniated discs in your spine, there are few that medical science can offer.

Although there are medical advances that are being made every day, the bottom line is still that you can prevent a lot of personal suffering by following good health practices on a daily basis.

Don’t Forget Simple Good Health Strategies in Your Pain Relief Search

These good health practices include:

• Good posture
• Drinking plenty of pure water
• Eating a well-balanced diet
• Using ergonomically correct furniture
• Staying away from doing ‘crazy’ things, taking risks with your body
• Getting enough rest each night
• Eliminating vices such as smoking, drinking, and drugs
• Decreasing your dependence on medications, over-the-counter and prescription (Even medical doctors admit that the greater the number of medications someone takes, the worse the quality of life a person has.)

Now think about this for a moment:  how much are you ahead when your doctor inserts a new disc into your spine at the area of L4/5 where your own disc was herniated? A lot, right? Yes, of course.

But what happens when two years later, another disc herniates and then two years after that, another disc herniates again.

You’re back at square one, aren’t you? Lots of missed work time, again!

Your Answer Really is Regeneration, Not Temporary Fixes

The good news is that divine miracles still occur! Seriously though, if you support your body with the standard methods that have worked to decrease pain and begin regeneration in the body, you have a good chance of turning around your back pain! Give yourself some time and be patient! Back pain cures should not be temporary fixes.

Forget the Back Pain Cures and Go for a Complete Strategy 

Remember that one product or technique isn’t going to cure your back pain. You will need a complete plan for breaking out of this health obstacle that you are suffering from.

Here are a few tips to help you do exactly that:

  1. Don’t depend on just one health practitioner for your total answer. No one can promise a back pain cure. They just can’t.
  2. Leave the most invasive procedures for the last resorts. Your medical doctor will not want to go in with surgery in the very beginning anyway, unless your condition is a matter of life and death.
  3. Keep a journal of your strategy. Note when you change your strategy. Record what you do each day, when you do it, and your pain level.
  4. Try to incorporate these methods into your strategy:  inversion therapy, a fitness program that emphasizes posture exercises, and nutritional supplements. Incorporate them if it makes sense to do so.

Make sure that you don’t disregard the fitness program and nutritional supplements as these can be two of the most important preventions strategies you can employ. Remember that the underlying reason for your back pain must be addressed completely; otherwise, you will have back pain in another area of your spine at a later date. How much fun will it be to have to go through the whole process a second time?

  1. Go for complete healing. Have a herniated disc? Don’t just end your programs for healing when one disc is healed. Instead, don’t stop until you have all of them healed. Give yourself a new spine.

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