Back Pain Relief at Home

Back Pain Relief at Home

Back pain can often become continuous. What do you do when you want more back pain relief than what you get at the rehabilitation center or at the doctor’s office?

The answer is that you get busy! There are things you can do at home to encourage your healing. Sitting around or lying in a bed for more than a few days leads to prolonging the recovery cycle. Develop a passion for creating back pain relief at home.

Your back pain relief at home generally falls into these categories:

  1. Topical aids – heat, ice packs
  2. Internal support – nutritional supplements to speed recovery
  3. Gadgets and devices – TENS units, gravity boots / inversion therapy
  4. Ergonomics – chair, mattress and pillow substitution
  5. Exercise – weight training, rubber band therapy, stretching exercises.
  6. Posture work – correcting posture once each hour for 21 days

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from. If you select one category and give yourself a week to adjust to it, you may be able to add another category the next week.

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