Bowen Therapy for Back Pain

Bowen Therapy for Back Pain

Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique is another type of alternative medicine treatment for body aches and pains, and can be used for back pain. It’s based on the natural relationship between the nervous system and the muscles.

What To Know Before Learning More About Bowen Technique

Your nervous system controls many of your body functions. For example, you don’t have to tell your heart to beat; it beats on its own because of the nervous system which handles its functioning 24/7. The nervous system handles your digestion, the production of hormones on a certain schedule called circadian rhythm, your breathing and your circulation.

There are two parts to the nervous system: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic.

The sympathetic nervous system handles any situation when you are under stress. The parasympathetic nervous system runs the regular body functions, such as the ones mentioned before – breathing, circulation, hormones, etc.

When you’re under stress, your body won’t heal. It’s only when the parasympathetic nervous system is working that your body heals.

How Bowen Technique Can Eliminate Back Pain

A Bowen technique therapist touches muscles very lightly at the point where the nerve receptors are located. This light touch sends a message to the brain that it’s time to go back to the resting length.  If a muscle is tense, it will reset itself to a relaxed state.

During the session, the Bowen technique therapist will touch a few different locations on the body and then leave the room for a few minutes, allowing the body to reset itself. By touching specific locations along the spine, the message is sent to the brain to reset the muscles that are contributing to back pain by being tense.

The first area that is rebalanced and realigned is the spine. The Bowen technique therapist will start with locations first in the low back area, then move to the buttock muscles, the leg, then the midback and finally the neck.

The technique can be used on anyone, including babies, pregnant moms, and those who cannot withstand trigger point treatment or chiropractic adjustments. Bowen therapy is a very gentle type of bodywork.

Does Bowen Therapy Work?

You can find testimonials on the internet of people who have had back pain for years and received Bowen Therapy.

Here are a few types of Bowen therapy results in adults that you’ll find:

• Fell off a horse, had back pain for 20 years; 5th day of Bowen treatment, all pain gone.
• Low back pain for 10 years; next morning after treatment, the pain was gone along with shoulder and neck pain.
• Low back pain, 8 years after improper lifting; after treatment, lumbar spine readjusted itself and was pain-free.
• Pain in left shoulder blade after work injury for 2 months, neck locked, tight back; movement in neck returned after treatment and pain was gone.
• Herniated disc with sciatica, 2 weeks full of pain; pain-free after 1 Bowen treatment.
• Back pain and spasm in calf for 9 years; after 3 treatments, pain completely gone.

Bowen technique practitioners report that results may take up to one week to be felt.

There are many studies on Bowen Therapy over the past 50 years. In a large review of all of these studies, researchers were unable to conclude that Bowen Therapy actually works. For many people with chronic low back pain, they will try anything for relief. Unfortuantely, Bowen Therapy has very little scientific evidence for it other than the anecdotal reports from patients saying it helps.