Feldenkrais Method

Should I Try the Feldenkrais Method for Back Pain?

The Feldenkrais Method is a way to educate patients on posture, reduce pain and enhance movement through awareness training. The method consists of a series of Feldenkrais lessons, which is a series of comfortable easy movements.

Feldenkrais Back Pain Lessons

For back pain, the Feldenkrais back pain lessons would start out slowly, allowing the patient to make comfortable easy movements and then get progressively more and more difficult. As the difficulty increases, the range of movement in the spine has been improving.  A patient with back pain may sit, lie down on a treating table or stand during the lessons and there is no nudity involved.

What a Feldenkrais Practitioner Does

The Feldenkrais practitioner puts his or her hands on different parts of the back during these movements, and suggests different ways to move that would be more efficient. She teaches the patient another way of moving. By eliminating excessive effort on the part of the patient, the range of motion can easily improve.

And whenever the range of motion improves, there will be less pain.

Feldenkrais back pain lessons, like other Feldenkrais lessons are considered a complementary treatment or an adjunct medical treatment, not a primary method of treating back pain or other forms of pain.

Does Feldenkrais Work?

Although the Feldenkrais back pain lessons are not considered therapeutic in themselves, countless patients have reported the resolution of chronic muscle pain. Feldenkrais therapists surprisingly admit that their job is not to correct your posture, although posture correction is the result of the work that they do.

In a 1999 study on the Feldenkrais method, researchers compared Feldenkrais to physical therapy treatments of diabled patients with neck and shoulder pain. The treatments were given for 16 weeks.

Good results were seen and those treated with Feldenkrais had significantly fewer complaints about their neck and shoulders than the physical therapy group and the control group. The Feldenkrais group also had better results in regards to their disability scores.

Another study in 2004 looked at cost effectiveness / efficacy of treatment and found that patient costs fell from $141/month to $82/month because of less issues with chronic pain.

Where Can I Find A Feldenkrais Practitioner?

The Feldenkrais practitioners do have an official association that they belong to. You can find out more at www.feldenkrais.com