Fitness Instructor

Can My Fitness Instructor Help My Back Pain?

If you have a health club membership, you will be relieved to know that your membership can be a lifesaver when you have back pain. You may also experience the relief of back pain or other back pain problems, just from the joy of exercising with weights.

Here’s why. Often back pain is caused by lack of exercise, poor muscle tone, or imbalanced muscles. The human body was made for motion. Motion is life.

If you aren’t getting any exercise, the muscle tone starts to get flabby. As the muscles get flabby, they also lose strength and power. They become weak and increase the risk of developing back pain problems.

Poor Posture Means Weak Muscles

When you have weak muscles, it’s difficult to stand up straight. Your posture starts to suffer. Think about this for a moment:  When was the last time that you “caught” yourself sitting up straight in your car while you were driving? If you can’t remember the last time this happened, you are most likely suffering from weak muscles.

Poor muscle tone makes it difficult for you to stand up straight and sit up straight at your desk. Slouching puts four times more pressure on the discs of your spine than what you would have by sitting up straight.

Posture experts include chiropractors and physical therapists (Link to physical therapists page). When was the last time you had a posture expert check your posture?

Check yourself right now: are you sitting directly on the “sit bones”? Or are you slouching, putting pressure on your tailbone or on one side of the body? If you aren’t sitting directly on your sit bones, called ischial tuberosities, you are slouching. You are contributing to your own back pain problems! Stop it!

Exercise for Relief of Back Pain and Back Pain Problems

The act of working out in the gym with weights can relieve this entire problem, and show you a new life again – one that includes the relief of back pain.

A fitness expert can help you get started at the health club. This is always the best idea because the expert can spot you on each exercise to make sure you are doing it correctly.

If you cheat unknowingly during the repetitions of an exercise while working out, this could be contributing to muscle strain and imbalance and back pain. Your body may twist and contort in odd ways when you are cheating at the gym but sometimes you won’t even realize you are cheating. A fitness expert will catch this and correct you so that you can use the exercises to your very best advantage.

A Strong Healthy Back Equals Very Few Back Pain Problems

The goal of working out with weights at the gym is to get the most muscle development in the shortest period of time. Now with the advancements of exercise science, there are specific details which are known that can help you create a strong back in 12 weeks with three 42 to 46-minute exercise sessions a week.

This is amazing in itself, but the most amazing things are these other benefits:

• How much your posture improves automatically without posture exercises in two weeks or less

• How you feel better overall after only a few weeks

• How you automatically want to change your diet to a better, healthier one

• How quickly the body really can transform into one that looks good in any type of clothes

• How doing that last repetition of an exercise seems to reset your ability to  accomplish other goals in life

• How a proper workout will not include excessive strain

• How you can work out with back pain and find a decreased amount of pain after a workout

Exercise is known to increase endorphins in the body as well. These chemicals are produced by your brain with a purpose of keeping you happy. Who couldn’t use a little more happiness?

Go With The Experts For Total Relief of Back Pain

Can a fitness instructor or expert help you decrease your back pain? Yes, if he or she is well-qualified and has worked with others who have had back pain.

But if he or she is rather new to the field – and many of them are – then stick to a plan by your chiropractor or your physical therapist. Both these professions are experts that can accurately plan out a strategy for you to use in the health club.

Sometimes though, chiropractors and physical therapists have the exercise machines right there in their office for you to use. If this is the case, you can be supervised and make great gains in muscle development as well as in decreasing your back pain.

You Can Do It Alone, But Be Cautious!

Of course, you can always work out without a fitness expert, too, especially if you do not have any experts who are available to help you. In this case, it’s best to start out too slow rather than too fast. Instead of piling up the weights on the machines, thinking and believing they will be no problem, start at the other end of the scale.

Start with zero weights and do a set of 12 repetitions of an exercise and take a one-minute break. How do you feel? Was it too difficult? If so, move on to another weight machine. If 12 repetitions was pretty easy to do, then increase the weight by 5 or 10 pounds. Progress upwards in the weights you use – and do it slowly.

Be sure to focus on your core muscle strength (abs and back) as these are the best ways to prevent low back pain from recurring.