Hypnotherapy for Back Pain?

Is it possible that hypnotherapy for back pain is successful?

Yes, absolutely!

Back Pain Causes That Are Emotionally-Based

Here’s why. Many people with back pain do find that when the in-laws come over or when they have to make a big purchase, their back pain suddenly seems to worsen. There are dozens of other situations that can flare up a bad case of back pain, such as:

• A child in a life-or-death situation

• Financial stress from losing a home

• Relationship break-up

• Death in family

• Disturbed relationships at work

• Worrying about what’s happening in the world

Just because your back pain worsens when you’re under stress, it doesn’t mean that the reason why you have back pain is purely emotional in nature.

How Stress Worsens Back Pain

Stress magnifies the symptoms of every illness. If your in-laws are the type of people that can make you anxious, then it’s natural to make a connection that your back pain worsens with stress. Stress results in:

• Tight stomach muscles during walking and sleeping that can cause debilitating, physiological pain in the neck, shoulders, and back

• Nervous stomach

• Headaches

• Skin breakouts

• Jaw pain from clenching the teeth

In fact, Swedish researchers found that people who had heavy lifting jobs suffered less back pain than those who reported high stress levels, according to  chiropractors Todd and Sheldon Sinnett in their book, The Truth About Back Pain, 2008.

One of the advantages of using hypnosis for back pain is that by decreasing your stress in the hypnosis session, your back pain could truly lessen. Stress is automatically decreased during hypnosis; this is how the process works.

What Happens When Someone Uses Hypnosis for Back Pain?

  1. To use hypnosis for back pain, find a certified hypnotherapist who has worked with people for medical conditions for several years. Interview the hypnotherapist on the phone and if you feel comfortable with him, book an appointment. Ask him if he has ever performed back pain hypnosis.
  2. In hypnosis for back pain, you will be asked to relax in a chair and remember the incident that is causing a lot of your personal stress. You will then be asked to give it a different ending.

The hypnotist may also ask you to flashback to an earlier time in your life when you felt a similar type of stress, or flashback to the very first time when this type of stress occurred. Then you will change the ending in your mind of what happened.

Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. By changing the ending, you change the connections in your nervous system that cause the stress. For example, if you were angry about a boss firing you, change the ending to being happy because your next job is so much better than the last one!

  1. The hypnotist or hypnotherapist (both are qualified to hypnotize you) will next ask you to address your back pain by flashing back to the incident that caused it. You will then be asked to change the ending for this incident as well.
  2. After your mind has changed these incidents, you will awaken, refreshed. In many cases, the back pain is gone or significantly reduced. Your back pain hypnosis session is finished.

Although it may seem like a relatively easy process, hypnosis may be something to try on your own; however, it works much better if you have been taught what to do by a certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist. There are many books that are available on self-hypnosis which are a good place to start. There are even self-hypnosis tapes that can be found online.

Hypnosis uses visual imagery to connect to the subconscious mind; you can control the images flashing through your mind on a minute-to-minute basis to some extent. By changing images related to your perception of stress in your life, you can gain control over your back pain. By continuing on this path, you can master many things that happen to your body throughout time.