Orthopedic & NeuroSurgeons

Orthopedic & NeuroSurgeons: Why These Specialties Can Help Your Back Pain

Of all the different health practitioners for back pain and back pain disorders, it’s the orthopedic surgeon and the neurosurgeon who can make the biggest impact in the worst cases. Neurosurgery for back pain is not recommended that often, but there are times when it becomes essential.

These dedicated medical doctors have been through the rigorous medical school training and chose to go back for five more years of continued education in an orthopedics or neurology residency.  And after that, an orthopedic doctor may choose to further their education with a fellowship that specializes in surgery of any of the joints, cancer of the bones, joints and muscles, trauma to the joints or sports medicine. This specialty can be an answer to a prayer for very severe pain and what to do.

An orthopedic specialist that is well-versed in spinal surgery knows how to use his art for laminectomies (repair of the spinal vertebral joints), spinal fusion or intervertebral disc surgery.

Neurosurgeons can specialize in neurosurgery for back pain in children and trauma victims, radiosurgery for imaging, cancer, spine surgery, neuropathies, spinal cord injuries, movement disorders and skull base surgery. Neurosurgeons are the top expert of all when it comes to operating on the brain, spinal cord and nerves in the body.

And with all the great new surgical procedures that are now coming to fruition in operating rooms across the U.S., this profession has made a huge difference in the level of healing available to us all now.

New Medical Ideas Replacing Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is still performed for disc herniations (Link to disc herniation page) and some cases of pinched nerves. But innovation has brought us these new ideas: why not create a new spinal disc for the patient? Or why not use some type of surgical hose to vacuum out the herniated disc so that the patient’s back pain and symptoms will be eliminated?

When there is very severe pain and what to do becomes the question, these new ideas are becoming a reality.

And orthopedic specialists and neurosurgery are contributing to the pain reduction for very severe pain from disc herniations.

Let’s Create a New Disc

Using a genetically engineered protein, doctors are creating a new disc. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Soak a collagen sponge with bone proteins and sterile water.
  2. Insert the sponge inside a titanium cage that resembles a vertebrae.
  3. New bone then grows on the sponge and fills the space of the cage. The process takes about five months.

What a pretty incredible idea! And so far, orthopedic doctors like this new surgical procedure because they see that it can immediately make a patient feel better. The titanium cage allows separation of the two vertebrae that have collapsed on top of each other, which has created all the back pain symptoms in the first place. The new bone grows and the patient should feel better.

Neurosurgeons may also perform surgeries where painkillers are injected into the spine in the exact area that is causing the back pain. The painkillers (Link to medication page) may be in the form of a pellet that releases medication over time.

When someone has back pain, there are a few cases where the pain is so severe that the person wishes they were dead. Two examples of this are cancer of the spine and a missing or amputated limb. In these situations of very severe pain, what to do becomes surgery to inject painkillers into the spine. This is thought to stop the pain signals from going back up to the brain where the pain is perceived